Experience Infinite Burgundy

Welcome to Infinite Bourgogne, where every journey is a work of art designed exclusively for our customers. Soak up the beauty and richness of Burgundy through carefully selected experiences that promise not only to satisfy your thirst for adventure but also to enrich your knowledge and appreciation of wine, culture and nature.

Tastings : In the heart of the vineyard

  • Discover the Domaines Viticoles: Tour Burgundy’s renowned vineyards with an expert and learn the secrets of winemaking.
  • Exclusive Tasting Cellars: Savor exceptional wines in intimate settings reserved for connoisseurs.
  • Wine tasting in the vineyards: A unique experience, taste wines directly where they are born.

In Burgundy, every glass of wine is a poem, every bottle a story, and every tasting a journey through time and terroir.

Tailor-made Walks and Visits: Explore Burgundy Your Way

On foot, by bike or Solex

Discover Burgundy’s landscapes through personalized itineraries.

By hot-air balloon or helicopter

An unforgettable view of Burgundy from the sky.

Private chauffeur

For adventure seekers, explore the most hidden terrain with a driver/guide.

By Prestige Car

Drive through the region in style, in a classic car or a late-model sports car.

What we offer:

Wine & Food

A culinary voyage to discover the region’s finest wines and dishes.

Chateau Berzé-le-Chatel

Heritage & Culture

Immerse yourself in Burgundy’s rich history and lively traditions.

Nature & Sport

For nature lovers, trails that combine discovery and physical activity.

Wellness Spa

Absolute relaxation in the region’s finest spas.

Your Experience, Customized to Infinity

Infinite Bourgogne is dedicated to creating tailor-made experiences that perfectly match your desires. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, discovery or wonder, our team is on hand to personalize every detail of your trip.

Ready for the Burgundy Adventure?

Contact Infinite Burgundy today to start planning your luxury experience. Let us turn your travel dreams into reality, with memories that will last a lifetime.

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